SIPNACO. Gas Turbine flame monitoring systems Description: Industrial power generation gas turbine installations demand the superior protection provided by the SIPNACO. UV Flame Monitoring System. The SIPNACO. Flame monitor system detects the ultraviolet radiation emitted by a hydrocarbon flame and produces an output signal to indicate a flame or no flame condition. Land-based and off-shore applications include power generation, pumping stations, shipboard power generation among other industrial uses. A variety of sensor types, amplifier types and sensor cable lengths are available. Specification: Mounting Interface 1 inch internal NPT Process Connection: Teflon shielded cable with one inch external conduit thread Cable: 5 m Cable Lengths: -40 °C- 177 °C Operating Temperature: 425 v [Maximum Rating] Supply Voltage (DC): 10 mA [Maximum Rating] Average Discharge Current:200 mA [Maximum Rating] Peak Current: 185 nm Spectral Response (Short):280 nm Spectral Response (Long): 240 v Discharge Starting Voltage (DC): 170 v Discharge Sustaining Voltage (DC): 1500 min-1 Sensitivitiy Typ.: 10000 h Average Life:310±30v [Recommended Operating Parameters] Supply Voltage (DC):2 mA [Recommended Operating Parameters] Average Discharge Current: 2 ms [Recommended Operating Parameters] Quenching Time Min.: Black connect to Positive, White connect to Negative Wiring: IRAN Origin Country:
NOTE: Compatible Part Numbers with Part No. (SP-LG1093AA24): SIPNAGE Part No.: GE 261A1812P12 Honeywell Part No.: LG1093AA24

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