SIEMENS Gas Turbine

Ignition Exciter DC/SIEMENS GT10B-SGT 400-SGT 600-SGT 800 Models
Model: SIPNA-96167      
Voltage Input: 18-28 Volt-DC
Output (1 Channel): 2.1- 2.5    KV
Interval time Ignition: 4-1 S
Temperature Max at Ambient: 85 °C
1-Don’t touch Output before discharge.
2-Don’t turn on Power Supply before Connecting to Igniter.
3-Don’t open main Board because there is High Voltage Part behind it.

How to discharge Exciter:
Output must be connect to GND (Case).
Connections to Igniters must be according to below Drawing.
Case of Igniters must be connected to Case of Exciter Ignition.

Manufacturer: SIPNA
Made in IRAN

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Ignition Exciter DC/SIEMENS SGT-400 Model:
Equivalent Unison Ignition Exciter